Edwin’s obituaries

A photo of Edwin in 2003. By Nobby Clark.

Edwin’s death, on 16 April 2013, has been reported in various media outlets. A number of these are compiled below:

I will continue to add links to this page as they are published.

We have been overwhelmed by the volume of messages received, as well as by their warmth and sincerity. These have been a comfort to the Shirley and Pascoe families over the past week.

We will shortly be announcing details of Edwin’s memorial.

Many thanks,

Raph (Edwin’s son).

Please emailĀ info at edwinshirley.com with any messages (by replacing ‘ at ‘ with @).

13 thoughts on “Edwin’s obituaries

  1. I worked for Edwin for 5 years, between 1978 and 1983. What I most remember about him is his MASSIVE charisma. I last saw him on Easter Sunday 2013 and, despite his illness, he was still upbeat and positive.


    • Hi Ian,
      I hope I might see you on the 19th. – it’s been such a long time, and sad that such a sad occasion should be neccessary to throw us together. ‘Til then!
      Luv Chris.

  2. I worked for Edwin for just one year back in 1990 at Edwin Shirley Trucking, Crows road. I had the most amazing time and in part that was due to Edwin who was a very exciting man to work along side. He was generous, funny and sincere. Although I did not know him for long he won my respect and admiration; I can honestly say I will never forget him or his crazy antics and what fun he was to work for.

  3. I met Edwin whilst at NYT; I was friends with Rebecca, Edwin’s daughter and last saw them at Ed Wison’s memorial. I am so very very sad to hear of Edwins passing. I have treasured memories of fun times, lots of laughter. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I worked for Edwin for over 32 years firstly at the trucking company, then the studios at 3 Mills & lastly with his new company.

    I started out as an employee but am proud to say we ended up friends. Working for Edwin opened up to me a world I would never have experienced
    Had I not applied for the job of book-keeper way back when.

    It was a pleasure to have known him and I personally will miss him greatly.

    You Rock We Roll. RIP Edwin A Shirley.


  5. For one glorious year in the Eighties I worked for Edwin at EST. I went to help out for a month & stayed on through good times & bad. We partied hard but never turned away a job. The loyalty & respect EST drivers had for Edwin was legendary. For years afterward I moved in the same circles & Edwin’s death has brought back so many memories of a special time full of good fun & great music. He’ll be in some really good company in that backstage bar in the Heavens.

  6. I worked for Edwin back in the early 70’s in the office at Flishinghurst, and was a part of Edwin Shirley Trucking’s earliest days. We used to keep track of the trucks on tour written in felt pen on huge lengths of paper on the wall, and sometimes there just wasn’t enough room! Edwin’s character was always ‘larger than life’, and it was this that kept things going when things got a little tricky – that and his reams of notes. It was exciting to witness the first calendar, the first joint MEH/ESP/EST christmas party, the creation of the logo, and the design of the hundreds of T-shirts that passed through the office. Great times, with some great people.

  7. Edwin will be forever in our hearts. And will be missed more than words can express. I first met Edwin in 1985, when EST was on Crows Road in West Ham. My husband Collie knew him longer, and was also a driver for him for many years. Edwin was always Honest, Sincere, Funny beyond belief, and a Friend for life. He would do anything for you, and was always there to help out. We will never forget him. He will be in our hearts forever. I have so many great memories of Edwin. When I was working in the office, and was pregnant, I would pass him in the yard between offices, and he would smile at me with that Edwin smile that we all knew, and he’d always say, haven’t you had that baby yet? And I would always smile back and say Edwin, it takes 9 months. And the BBQ’s down at the yard, the parties, the barn fires. Many great times. I remember when he was here on holiday with Raph. He rented a convertible in Az in the summer, they were out sightseeing. I remember seeing him turn the corner, and the two of them had on these gigantic sombreros, too funny, but that was the Edwin we all knew and loved. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to all his family. Collie is lucky enough to be in London right now for Edwin’s Memorial, I unfortunately will only be able to be there in thought. He is definately at that backstage bar area in heaven. We love and miss you Edwin. Love Always, Mary, John (Collie) and James Collins. Your Arizona Family xx P.s,the Queen parties were always a blast, including Freddie’s silly hat party.
    Rip Edwin, a life taken too soon from us xx

  8. I have to echo Mary/John Collies’ feelings.
    A star with heart – He gave an opening to all who appeared able (or who was P.L.U. (people like us)).

    CB Savage.

  9. Edwin asked and gave me the opportunity to drive for him in 1984 and at that time I was his first long term lady truck driver. I spent six adventurous and memorable years as one of his core tour drivers. I’m sure I speak on behalf of many reading this by saying we love you Edwin and your special talent and unique path finding skills will not be emulated in our lifetimes. We shared a laugh or two when we met a few years back and I told you that my working background with you opened the door for me to work for a member of our own Royal Family, the Queens Cousin. I should add to this I didn’t drive a Truck but a very nice Bentley Flying Spur, not as big as a truck but but certainly faster. Not the Queen you know perhaps but comes very close!.
    You drove the stars Edwin but lets not forget you were a star yourself!

  10. Malcolm Shannon (big Malc from yorkshire) also worked with Edwin in the 80’s sadly passed away a week later. Malcolm had so many magical stories to tell his family about Edwin & the trucks.

    From his proud step daughter Jenny.

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