Dear All,

It is with a completely broken heart that I have to tell you that Edwin died yesterday, 16th April.

He had been suffering from cancer and undergoing a gruelling chemotherapy regime, but yesterday his body gave in.  He died whilst undergoing a procedure to find out where he was having some internal bleeding, but during this he had a catastrophic bleed and his heart could not take it.

He loved his work and particularly all the great people we worked with.

I am writing to say that for now I intend to keep his company going if possible as that is what he would expect of me.  He worked so hard even when he was feeling terrible with the chemotherapy as it was his reason for living.  Even to the very end he was full of energy and talking about the next business plan.  He was an extraordinary man and was loved by many.

In the next few days I will write and let everyone know what the arrangements are for Edwin’s funeral.

I wanted to thank you for all your support over the years. It meant a great deal to Edwin.

With Love,

Emma x

Please email info at edwinshirley.com with any messages.