Video from Edwin’s memorial

Video from Edwin’s memorial is now on YouTube. Here is the entire memorial unedited:

The link below takes you to the YouTube channel which includes various people recording short memories they have of Edwin:

It is not too late to record a video or write a short memory and send it to me!

I’m working on a short overview of the memorial which will hopefully be up in the coming weeks.

I’m missing some names for people in the videos. Please email if you know the names for people in unnamed videos.



One thought on “Video from Edwin’s memorial

  1. I’m working with a immersive theatre company that puts on its shows or experiences with 4000 volunteers and has a magpie approach for getting props and set. Yesterday they said to all the volunteers, can someone find us an angel to lend us a truck. They said someone must know someone who knows someone. I racked my brains and remembered larger than life Edwin. I met him in 95 and we did Common Purpose. A brash, mischievous and sensitive soul, I encountered over a year. Our paths crossed again when the Round Chapel was being built and again around Olympic trials and tribulations. So today I searched the Internet for signs of Edwin looking for favour with a truck only to find out he passed. I read about his life and realized how little I knew of him which made me sad even though knowing about his great life made me smile. A fond farewell! Hazex

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