Edwin’s memorial

Edwin’s memorial will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 19 May, at the Roundhouse in London. It starts at 4pm and will go on until around 9pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please consider making a donation to the National Youth Theatre for a new bursary in Edwin’s name. Some of Edwin’s fondest memories were of his time with the NYT, and he remained a supporter throughout his life. The money will be used to support young actors who face financial hardship. Click here  to donate.

* * *

Edwin’s funeral took place at St John of Jerusalem, Victoria park, last Friday. We put his coffin on a roadbox with a selection of sunflowers, rosemary and artichokes. You can see the order of service here.

After the funeral everyone was invited to the Royal Inn on the Park, where we raised a glass to Edwin. His body spent the night in the church and was taken to Kent the following morning. I drove him down along the route he typically took on his way to Europe. Along with his partner Marg, we listened to Radio 4 as he always did. After stopping briefly at his mum’s old house, we took him to the churchyard and buried him next to his daughter Rachael.

The vicar spoke briefly. Family friend, Wendy French, read a short segment from W H Auden’s If I Could Tell You:

Time will say nothing but I told you so,
Time only knows the price we have to pay;
If I could tell you I would let you know.

If we should weep when clowns put on their show,
If we should stumble when musicians play,
Time will say nothing but I told you so.

There was a light rain. The church bells rang. We left.

* * *

I have started compiling all the tributes to Edwin that we have received. You can see them here.

Finally, here is a short silent film Edwin made at School:

Thank you,

Raph (Edwin’s son).

3 thoughts on “Edwin’s memorial

  1. Thank you Raph for your kind invitation, I would feel honoured to be at the celebration of a man I knew so little of but feel so much respect for the man that made so much available to myself and so many.

  2. Raph.

    I am not sure if we have ever met, your father was a dear friend, a fantastic supplier and above all an inspiration.

    I was very sorry to have missed the funeral but was away in the US and could not get back. I will be there at the Roundhouse and hop to get the opportunity to meet you there.

    Through the early years of the business that is now Creative Technology Edwin along with Dell, Ollie and Tim figured out how to move our enormous and ridiculously heavy StarVision screens around the UK and ultimately Europe and the World. He was a huge part of our involvement in any of the biggest shows at that time including the Queen shows at Wembley and Knebworth.

    We are all lucky to have worked in such an amazing industry through such an incredible era. We are surrounded by wonderful people many of whom are great friends. There are however only a handful of individuals who have really pioneered the industry in which we work and from which we live. Edwin was one of those pioneers and we should all be grateful to him.

    After he left EST I saw less of him but we would often meet backstage at a venue or I would get a random call with another wacky opportunity or idea. I knew he had been ill but had no idea of his recent relapses so had not seen him for a year or so.

    He will be missed by so many in many places especially his family and close friends. You don’t need me or us to tell you what a wonderful man he was.

  3. So very sad to hear the news, worked for the Team for a number of years… didnt know the Man that well but he always smiled, was polite and gave out a lovely kind of shy energy…XXX
    To all the staff at EST…ESS…..ollie K ollie W tim N del R mike B …MICKY AN FITZ ,are you both still out there?.
    Sorry i cant attend …

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